About me

I graduated from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Thailand, in Environment Engineering. After I worked in this field for half a year, I don’t feel like it so I decided to study aboard in my field of interest which is Gaming. I applied to Depaul University, Chicago USA, in Computer Graphic and Animation. I did enjoy my time over there while I was studying when compared to the environmental field.

After I’ve graduated, I try to find a job release to animation or gaming and I got an internship in BluePrintDesign Company, Chicago. I spend around 8 months doing an internship making Flash Animation and Action scripts for web development based on customer requirements. After 8 months, I decided to get a real job so I headed back to Thailand and apply for Action Script developers and got an offer at a Swedish company in Thailand. At the time HTML5 was just getting momentum but since most users still used IE 6 – 9 so it’s growing quite slowly. I spend time around 1.5 years developing web applications using Action scripts. The company had a vision that Action scripts were dying soon and should move to HTML5 and Javascript so they asked me to do web applications in Javascript instead. I thought that if I was going to start over, I would prefer to start over with the new technology instead of web technology so I decided to apply for a job in mobile development instead. I’m using Adobe Air to be a demo for applying for a job to show that I was willing to develop a mobile application even though I had no experience with it but willing to learn and be self-taught. I got my first job as an iOS developer and have been working on that career since today.

Due to my experience for over 15 years, when I was a junior developer, I got help a lot from StackOverFlow Kirupa, and other communities so it make me who I am today. I decided that I would have to pay it forward otherwise online communities will be collapse if no one does it. I am a public speaker about Flutter in online/offline communities and share knowledge about what I learn in mobile security in the medium. In my free time, I enjoy working on prototypes to connect with Flutter and iOS and upload those codes into my Github for anyone who wants to see. You can download my portfolio presentation below here